Public Officials Must Emphasize The COMMON Good

Many believe, were currently experiencing an interval, and that is more political, and polarized, than previously, in recent memory. Some say, that is merely, the type of politics, but, prior to 1980’s, America elected their President, who had been normally, within 5 percent, either to the appropriate, or left, from the political middle. In the last couple of years, how much partisan rhetoric, has apparently destroyed, the willingness, and/ or ability, of many of these, supposed, leaders, to find, any, meeting, of – the – minds, and frequently, it has created stagnation, while, at others, has veered our bodies, to pursue actions, which greatly deviate, from what, we previously, considered typical. In these challenging times, now, more than in the past, we have to seek approaches to cooperate, and try, to get to some, quality, COMMON ground. With that in mind, this article attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, some on the principal considerations.

1. Communicate; cooperate; clarity: Rather than emphasizing empty rhetoric, promises, and vitriol, we have to find leaders, which will communicate, clearly, seeking viable, reasonable, realistic solutions, and cooperate, with other people, regardless, of party – affiliation, to the common good! Without this mindset, our nation continues, being divided, as opposed to focused on unifying!

2. Options; opportunities: Let’s get gone politicians, who articulate a damaging, politically motivated message, of, My way, or perhaps the highway! We need being represented by individuals, who consider all viable options, and alternatives, together with the goal of recognizing and taking advantage with the finest opportunities!

3. Meeting of minds; mention; motivate: Too often, elected officials, prioritize their unique, personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, instead of seeking some unifying, meeting, of – the – minds! Proceeding that way, the general public would become motivated, to function together, and evaluate the perceptions and priorities, of others. A true leader avoids patting – himself, around the back, and consistently, mentions, and thanks, others, for your efforts!

4. Meaningful; mean it: How can anyone, become a relevant, sustainable, meaningful leader, if he doesn’t truly believe, and mean, what he tells?

5. Organized: If a shorter period and effort, was spent, on politics, plus much more on viable solutions, and considering longer – term ramifications, it could require proceeding, inside a truly organized manner, using a quality strategic, and plan of action!

6. Needs; nerve; nuances: Sometimes, it will require the smaller details, and also the necessary nuances, to provide the common good! Few politicians have the nerve and fortitude, to complete, what’s right, instead of partisan, political, or, in one’s personal/ political, self – interest! Shouldn’t the emphasis be, on addressing the requirements, perceptions, goals, principles, and priorities, of people, one represents and serves?

Wake up, America, and opt for individuals, who’re ready, willing, and able, for everyone and represent most of us, and protect our freedoms and liberties! Will you make an effort to become a more aware voter and citizen?

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